Lisa Courtney
Lisa Courtney is an ambitious, passionate, creative and detail-oriented BFA Graphic Designer who specializes in hand lettering, intricate illustrations, packaging, and branding. Proven proficiency demonstrated by a history of working for Marketing Communications within the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry. Skilled in Photography, Procreate, Adobe Creative Suite, Typography, Graphic Design and Illustration. Her main goal is to be a part of a company’s beginning and help them grow to become more successful on a higher level. Design has always been a passion of hers, and to be able to create something that could potentially help to make or break a business means a lot to her as a designer. She works both digitally and by hand, and her illustrations are characterized by her unique interpretations and attention to small details. 
She operates out of Sanford, North Carolina with her two pups (Bella & Oliver) and new kitten Willow by her side. When she’s not in design-mode you might find her tending to her many houseplants, hanging out with her furbabies, or writing run-on sentences.