Lisa was influenced by growing up in a household where politics was a very common discussion specific to one party. In creating this poster, she wanted to give the potential voter the chance to vote for whomever he/ she pleases without an attempt to sway their opinion towards either candidate. Lisa felt as if hand lettering this poster would be the most impactful way to get the word out to convince people to get out and vote regardless of who they support. With each letter being created by hand, she believed that it made her poster more relatable and showed of human flaws and imperfections, which both candidates have shown that they possess. She has had minor experiences with hand lettering prior to creating this poster and did some research to steer her on a more successful style and direction. By placing a silhouette behind the lettering, Lisa intended the voter to see themselves an important part in this national decision. The purpose of the quote is to inform the voters that even if they do not agree with either party, their vote is still important and must be heard.
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